Learning to flow with the rhythms of life

Today was supposed to be the start of the Awakened Man Summit. But due to a last minute scheduling snafu I don’t have a speaker for tonight.

Since I found out about this a couple of days ago I’ve been somewhat – to very – frantically seeking another speaker to step in at the last minute for tonight’s spot. And none of the folks I’ve contacted have been able to make it.

So last night – LATE – I got the message – loud and clear – to let go and trust.

What a relief it always is when I finally do let go and trust in the wisdom of Life! I could feel the tension release from my body and mind. After all, the worst that would happen is I would schedule the speaker for another date during the summit.

And this morning I found out why Life had different plans for me!

My daughter woke up with a tummy ache and ended up staying home from school. With her home, I haven’t been able to get some of the last-minute pieces in place for a call tonight, and she might not be feeling well enough to hang out with a babysitter later tonight.

What a mess that could have been… being on a live call with one of the speakers with a sick kid hanging out potentially needing my attention. Not sure how fully I would have been able to focus on the interview!

It’s just another reminder that Life is infinitely wiser than me!

Over and over again I’ve had experiences that have confirmed the truth that when I trust in the flow and rhythm of Life everything will work out!

And I must admit that I find it rather amusing (when I’m not kicking myself!) that I still have trouble trusting in the flow of Life. When Life has plans that aren’t exactly in alignment with mine I still feel the urge to push against those plans, trying to mold and shape Life to fit the picture I have in mind.

And how amazing it is that Life continues to have the highest good in mind when it “overrules” my plans!

This is big piece of what I consider to be the new model of manhood. In the old model, men were taught that imposing our will over other people, nature, the Earth and Life itself was the way to express ourselves as men. We were taught that we must be able to bend – and, if possible, break – the will of Life in order to prove ourselves.

Well, that model has definitely not worked. And, to be quite honest, I have a feeling that Life has been laughing herself silly watching us run around thinking that we’re getting her to change her course.

Patience is not one of the strong characteristics in the old model of manhood whereas LIFE has infinite patience.

Now it feels like the tide is turning. Life is ready to gently, and perhaps not-so-gently, remind us that force will never get her to change her course.

The way we get Life to change course is to, quite literally, BECOME LIFE. Men (and to a lesser degree women) haven’t been so good at that. Now is the time for us all to learn this new skill, one that will enable us to work in harmony with the flow and rhythm of life to create the New Earth that is awakening.

Have there been times in your life when Life has “overruled” your plans? How have you flowed with that? Are you able to trust in the wisdom of Life? Have you experienced this merging with Life? How does it feel, how do you know, when you are in union with Life?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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19 responses to “Learning to flow with the rhythms of life”

  1. Is this the old “trust in God” saying…and struggling in the gas shower in Germany.  God gives us a mind to figure out other ways of solving problems.   When we fail, he welcomes us to heaven.  Life is difficult.  It takes all of our abilities to see and appreciate the butterflies in the wild and still keep going on difficult days and periods in our lives… in fact, some of us just live difficult lives…just ask the slaves, peons, and corporate serfs.  Santa Rosa has 30,000 unemployed and 5,000 people living on the streets.  Obviously they all trusted in God… and are still wondering why they got the shaft.  Trust in God will not solve problems.

    • Not at all! When I speak of aligning with the flow of Life and, in fact, becoming one with Life, I speak of being in a place where you are fully conscious and bringing your will and intention into manifestation in the world in a way that is fully aligned with Life!

      The examples you speak of strike me as times when huge masses of people were so far OUT of alignment with the flow of Life that they put their trust in someone or something who definitely did NOT have the highest good of all in mind.

  2. Great insight, Edward. I’ve had those lightbulb moments too, and always have to kind of laugh at myself thinking I knew better when I was trying to control the outcome that clearly wanted to go in another direction. A sense of humor is required in this Life!! 🙂

  3. p.s. you are a good singer! just watched your song video on this site. good for you and thanks for sharing!!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. I know there are so many of us who can relate to what you wrote, men and women.   Forcing, struggling and pushing things to happen instead of letting go and trusting. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Breathing a little deeper and laughing at myself…!

    • Thank you Jenifer. Yes, it is both men and women. But I do think that women are more naturally inclined to drop into the flow of Life. Which, in some ways, might actually make it more difficult and painful when you’re NOT in that flow!

  5. Dear Friend Edward, longtime–have been awol [a way on Love!]….

    Yes…harmony is evidenced [pour mmoi] when my conversations and smiles [avec mmoi] refuse2quit!

    MerciBouquets as YOU StayBlessed! 

    • I always get a big smile on my face when I get an email or a comment from you, MM! Thanks for bringing light to the world!

  6. Going with the flow, when caught in a riptide of events, inevitably washes one up further down the beach ….
    possibly a little wiser and awesomely grateful !!~
    Whereas blind panic and struggling against the current are inevitably one’s undoing…. quite possibly instrument to one’s demise
    ~Life is a Circle .. what comes around goes around
     I have learned,  As the ocean Will deposit you further up the beach –  so will Life if you simply lie back, float,
       Contemplate and Enjoy the ride
    Thank you Edward for your vision – I look forward to the series

    • Beautiful imagery, Dee! Thank you. Yes, blind panic, generally doesn’t work very well! 😉

  7. The trick is not so much to just “go” with the flow, which often flows towards destruction, or to force it against its nature, which is more than anyone can accomplish, but to use martial arts principles to make the forces work in your favor and against your enemies. 

    • Agreed. I teach a class on the art of Spiritual Warriorship. And that is exactly what it’s all about. When you become one with the Flow of Life, when you merge your will with the stream of consciousness you can, indeed, work with and direct the flow in ways that are co-creative and life-sustaining!

  8. thanks Edward, i agree completely with you. the infinite intelligence knows the best and wants the best for us all. if only will learn to trust Him and know how to yield ourselves completely to his rhythms (imagine being in sync with Deity) then the world will be a better place – Paradise

    from Steve Ola

  9. Hi Edward, This article was one that I could most certainly relate to. Life does have a way of “over ruling” our plans as you put! If I could share a couple ( although it seems like I have several experiences with this very thing) times I have been re~routed so to speak. The first time I can actually say that I was aware of this was when I was in my 20’s.. a very organized young woman… and had my life planned out as well… a timeline for EVERYTHING (drove my sister nuts) she pointed out to me that life isn’t THAT planned out and I had better learn to bend somewhat. That day came about a year and half after I was married… thinking we could have children ..when we planned it to happen…. suddenly because of health reasons….. was told if we had been planning on a family to start now because it may take a while. WHAT?  I really had no control over this?? By trusting the universe time line.. I had my first son  in 1986 .. my second son in 1989.Both are wonderful young men,25 and 22 whom  i now find myself trying to share the wisdom of going with the flow. Another  meaningful and life changeing event was finding Al  my second husband a few years after my first husband died at a young age. When Al asked me to marry him..I was terrified actually.Of  losing him although at the time i had no reason too be afraid. Despite these fears, I listened to life’s voice,married Al and had a wonderful life with him for almost10 years before a rare liver disease would take his life. I thank God that i listened  years ago and followed the path that i had not planned for, I am a better person for having Al in my life. My boys are wonderful young men in part from the love and support He showed them.
    think of what we could be missing if we don’t listen or allows ourselves to be re routed at times~ i think its always for the good.
    Have a wonderful day
    Kindest Regards

  10. Wonderful posts below , so I can only add specifics. When in that state of not knowing or confusion…develop space, focus on breath alone …do your yoga or other movement practices living in the breath…eating, walking ect always in the breath…spirit, space and ones answer is traveling across the breath and time will create the space to deliver.

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