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  • Finding Peace

    Where do you find peace? In a sanctuary? In the woods? At the yoga studio? At the beach? Getting a massage? During a retreat? Do you ever pause to wonder where peace comes from? Does the peace you “find” come from the trees or the ocean or the retreat space or the yoga teacher or […]

  • The Bucket Or The Bliss

    “Why?” That’s about the best I could do at that moment. Why am I here? Why am I doing this? What was I thinking? Can I go to sleep? Can I go home now? It was early in the morning of the second night of Ceremony… 2:00am, 3:00am… Time no longer had meaning for me. Hours, […]

  • How I Stopped Hating Money!

    First Published October 2013 – Updated November 2020 For more than 15 years I was “the Abundant Mystic.” Running those big tele summits, leading online classes, coaching hundreds of private clients, bringing dozens of people to Hawaii for our annual retreat… all of that provided me with wonderful opportunities to look deeply at the remaining […]

  • Tyler Perry’s Lesson in Forgiveness and Abundance

    Terry Gross interviewed Tyler Perry on Fresh Air a few weeks ago. I almost changed the station since I didn’t have a strong connection with Tyler other than knowing that he put his name on all of his movies and – to be quite honest – imagining that he must be fairly egotistical to do […]

  • Jack Canfield is Wrong: “So What” Doesn’t Work

    There’s a lot that Jack Canfield does right. But there’s one thing he said in the movie The Secret that has been bugging me ever since I first saw it back in 2006. Do you remember when he said this? “… most psychologists believe that about 85% of families are dysfunctional, so it’s like, all […]

  • I’m Making Up A Story That…

    On Thursday and Friday of last week I had the privilege of interviewing some of the most successful conscious entrepreneurs in the world. It was part of the Shift Network’s Enlightened Business Summit. Earlier in the week, Chip Conley, the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, interviewed many of the most successful conscious business people […]

  • The Secret to Controlling the Weather

    He stood on the outcropping overlooking the drought-stricken valley below. Crops were withering from the heat and lack of rain. He could smell the smoke from the not too distant fires burning their way through the dry forests and fields. He stood, feeling the fear of his people, the pain of the farmers, the hunger […]

  • You Are NOT Alone!

    Have you ever felt alone? If you’re like most of us, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! How about when… the teacher called on you in school and you didn’t know the answer? or coming home to an empty house after a breakup? or someone you love has passed on? or a […]

  • Stop waiting for your starring role

    Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want to be a catalyst for positive change? The desire to contribute to the highest good of all is strong in most modern day mystics. We see the problems in the world. We feel the pain and suffering of those around us as […]

  • Lower Your Standards!

    There’s a great story about the poet and teacher William Stafford. He’s recognized as one of the most prolific poets of recent times and during the last twenty or more years of his life he wrote at least one poem every day. Yes… that’s one poem EVERY DAY! And, much to the dismay of his […]