Mikayal Aja…

…Supports others on their journey of Awakening, helping them heal, transform and remember the truth of who they are and the beautiful, unique ways they are meant to serve the awakening of our world.

He began serving the healing and awakening of others in 1999, after graduating from the Academy of Intuition Medicine with a Master of Intuition Medicine. Starting as an intuitive/energy healer, his work has evolved to include an eclectic blend of modalities including Indigenous Ritual, Vibrational and Sound Healing, High Performance Coaching, Buddhism, Tantra, Chi Gong and Plant Medicine.

For the past 13 years he has been deeply immersed on the Plant Medicine Path, spending hundreds of nights in sacred communion with the Allies and completing 3 Dietas in Peru as well as retreats in Columbia, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

He brings deep, intuitive listening and an ability to track energy flows in the healing space. And his clear intention is to create safe containers for people to dive into their personal healing work so they can reconnect with their true essence, their soul purpose and the unique ways they are called to be of service in the world.

He is a musician and sound healer (having studied with Tito la Rosa and others) and offers traditional Icaros, Medicine Music and Healing Sounds throughout the Meditations and Sound Journeys.  


As the sacred is at the center of all that I do, I notice when people bring devotion and sacredness to their work and to their spiritual path. Mikayal is consistently willing to take the difficult steps necessary toward his journey of awakening, and to be in service to the awakening of others. There is integrity in all that he does.
Anodea Judith
Anodea JudithAuthor and Founder, Sacred Centers
Mikayal doesn’t just teach this work, he lives it. His desire to be of service and deep care for those he serves always come through during our conversations. He uses his work and his life to remind us that love IS the reason.
Marci Shimoff
Marci Shimoff#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul
I loved the cacao ceremony led by Mikayal. It is such a treat to have community ceremony with such humble and graceful medicines as rapeh and cacao. Mikayal holds a sacred, safe, and solid container where I was able to drop into my heart and get more in touch with my true self that sits waiting just beneath the chaos of daily life. Mikayal serenaded our group with deeply prayerful music and sounds. He leads with humility, deep presence and attunement, in support of the movement and release of energies that participants brought to the circle.
LouiseParticipant at Sacred Sound Journey
Thank you for such an amazing magical ceremony on Saturday! The sound journey was so healing coupled with the cacao, was such a perfect blend. Just the right amount of everything, even the Rapeh. I had an amazing week! I have been integrating the effects of the ceremony a little every day. I definitely feel that it has made a deep shift within me. I feel like I can breathe better, as well as feeling more balanced and grounded. Also, my dreams have been very vivid and colorful! I will definitely partake in another ceremony in the future. I can imagine doing this type of healing work on a regular basis can be very transformative.
Peace and Blessings
ElizabethParticipant at Sacred Suond Journey