It Began with…

An Endless Passion…

For Waking Up, for Serving Others, for Music, for Life…

There are a few things I thought I would NEVER do…

1. Get a tattoo
2. Change my name
3. Drink Ayahuasca in the jungles of Peru
4. Make Music and Sound Healing into a career

Once again Life taught me the importance of “Never saying never” and staying open to change and being willing to surrender what is showing up! 

In the process of turning nevers into nows and breaking down many of my old beliefs about what is right and wrong, ok and not ok, good and bad… I have discovered the power of saying YES to the sometimes super subtle, sometimes hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-2-x-4-not-so-subtle creative urges that Life sends my way. I’ve also learned the hard way what happens when I hear those messages… or worse… when I hear them and  DON’T say yes. Not a pretty sight! 

That’s why I feel so blessed to have made my way to a place in my life where I can serve you through the music that is so much in my blood and bones and by sharing and teaching some of the processes, tools and techniques of Creative Awakening tools I’ve learned along the way.

Music to catalyze your Creative Awakening

The music that flows through me is a gift from the Divine. It has been a blessing to me throughout my life… getting me through many challenges and dark moments.

Now my deepest desire and more passionate intention, as a songwriter, musician and sound healer, is to feel and hear and sense the sublime, infinite, mysterious, magical, musical impulses moving through me and translate them into sounds and words that reach through our limited human perceptions to activate a remembrance of our Essential Nature. Of course, human expression can never come close to capturing the essence of the Divine. So my purpose is to “fail” as beautifully as I can!

My profound prayer is that something within these creations will allow you to experience the presence of something beyond limits of the human mind, open your heart, bring healing to your soul and bring a bit of joy, love, and light into your life.

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