Finding Peace

Where do you find peace?

In a sanctuary? In the woods? At the yoga studio? At the beach? Getting a massage? During a retreat?

Do you ever pause to wonder where peace comes from?

Does the peace you “find” come from the trees or the ocean or the retreat space or the yoga teacher or massage therapist?

At this time when peace out there, in the world, seems hard to fine, exploring these questions can be a powerful practice.

How do we find peace in times of turbulence and strife?

Thich Naht Hahn spoke of “Being Peace.”

St. Francis asked to be made an “Instrument of Peace.”

So what if it’s not so much about “finding” peace as about being peace?

What if our work is not to go to a place where we can be infused with peace but rather becoming a beacon of peace so that WE can infuse peace into the world?

Yes, it can be a lot to ask… being peace in the midst of struggle and strife.

But that is the only way that peace becomes sustainable.

As long as we have to go somewhere or look to someone as the source of our peace we are dependent on an external cause.

When we become our own source of peace and discover the peace that lives within us then we are the effect… we become an instument of peace. The Divine “music” that plays through us is harmonious, uplifting, supportive and peaceful… and our presence fills the world with peace.

So in a world where peace is in short supply consider how you can add a little more peace to your world.

Love and blessings


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