Stop waiting for your starring role

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want to be a catalyst for positive change?

The desire to contribute to the highest good of all is strong in most modern day mystics. We see the problems in the world. We feel the pain and suffering of those around us as well as those far away. We resonate with the Earth as she experiences the sometimes devastating changes that our actions create.

In the face of such seemingly overwhelming “problems” the desire to make massive, positive changes can be quite strong. We want to make a difference. But not just a little difference… we want to make a BIG one!

Ironically, it is that very desire to make a BIG difference that paralyzes so many modern day mystics! We wait until the moment when everything feels right and our ducks are all in a row and the guidance or inspiration for action comes and we KNOW that we’re going to make that BIG difference.

But when will everything be just right? When will we feel strong enough, healed enough, focused enough, enlightened enough to make a difference that is big enough? We won’t. Which is why starting NOW is so important.

Stop Waiting for Your Starring RoleHave you ever acted in a play? I acted in high school and again after college in several community theater performances. And even at that level it was interesting to observe how we all wanted the starring role!

Let’s face it, most actors dream of being the “star.” Very few people go into an acting career with a vision of making a career as a “walk on” or even a supporting actor for that matter. They want to see their name in lights and be listed first in the credits. That’s a great dream!

But, more often than not, they WON’T get a starring role. It’s just a numbers game: Think about how many starring roles there are versus how many aspiring actors there are!  There just aren’t enough opportunities for everyone to be the star – at least in Hollywood!

And while it can be a bit romantic to imagine that the big stars we see on screen were “discovered” the truth is that most of the big name actors have worked their butts off getting whatever parts they can and showing up fully in the best and biggest way they know how… even for those small and in some cases insignificant roles. They knew that the more fully they showed up for the small parts the more likely it is that they would get noticed and get invited to audition for a larger part next time.

Eventually, if they keep showing up and keep playing those supporting roles in the biggest and best way they know how, they MIGHT get one of those starring roles they’ve dreamed up.

Life is like that. Most of us want to be the star. We want to play a big, important part in this performance that we call life. But the truth is that if you look at our “roles” through our cultural lens of importance, there are very few “starring” roles.

On the other hand, if you look at your “roles” in terms of what really makes a difference, you have the potential to be in a starring role all the time! In fact, no one else in the world, no one else in all of time and space, can play the part that you have been assigned. No one else has the same unique mix of qualities, insights, talents, skills, experiences, and gifts. Only you can be the star in the part you have come here to play.

That part is yours and yours alone. And whether our culture sees it as a “starring” role or a supporting role doesn’t matter. Because, in the end, you ARE the star of YOUR life and you have absolutely no idea how the role you play is going to impact the course of this world.

Native Americans tell us that our actions impact the next seven generations. Can you see seven generations from now? Can you know the potential power of your actions as their impact, like the ripples from a pebble thrown in a pond, grows and spreads out through those next seven generations? Probably not!

What if a simple smile that you share with someone changes the course of their life? What if you smiled at a young man walking down the street, not knowing that he was feeling down, despairing, confused and uncertain what to do next? And what if your smile, for whatever reason, gave him hope? What if that was exactly what he needed to take his next step and enroll in college and get his science degree? And what if he goes on to a PhD program and becomes a core member of the team that discovers the cure for cancer?

And what if you will NEVER (in this lifetime) know that you were the one who gave him the strength and courage to take that next step.

We can never know the impact of our actions. A friend of mine, Liz, recently celebrated her birthday with a Purification Lodge Ceremony. While the fire was heating the stone people, I was talking with one of her friends who had been a student of mine seven or eight years ago. As we talked, she reminded me that she and Liz had actually met at that class and have since become close friends. And she told me that what she had learned in that class continued to influence her work and life and that it had been a key factor in her decision to enroll in a master’s program in transpersonal psychology.

It was eye-opening for me to hear. I had quite literally forgotten about that course and it made me realize just how easy it is to underestimate and even disregard the impact of our actions.

Look, life doesn’t care if you are the star! The truth is, to Life you ARE the star in each and every moment… no matter what you are doing!

The point is, don’t wait for your “starring” role since it might never come. Jump in and give all you’ve got to whatever role you are playing right now. This IS your starring role! The part you play in this life, whether large or small, is absolutely needed. You hold a piece of the puzzle that no one else does. Don’t wait. Don’t squander your time here waiting for the call to come. Get out there and make yourself count no matter how small or insignificant you feel your part is.


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  1. Edward:  How about some examples of people making a difference.  People are so beaten down by economic devastation that they are walking around stunned.  What are the new businesses people want? How many people want a degree or an advanced degree now?  What are the new degrees.  .. peace or compassion?  Phyllis

  2. This reminded me of a comment I once made to an old boss I was working for,( I worked on the counter for a large newsagent / bookstore)  I told my boss that I would be on a stage one day, until that time came, The place I worked was my stage, I greeted everyone who came through my till, they all had a smile from me and a little conversation, everyone was made to feel as though they made a difference to my day, I have gone on to be on stage, As I am a working medium.

    • I love that your counter was your “stage.” Such a great perspective to bring to your life wherever you are! Thanks!

  3. I have been stuck in my  stuff and your post was just the right medicine for me to hear. Thanks Edward for the pep talk….gotta go paint and get my work out there

  4. I love this! I try to encourage the people I meet each day, in whatever way shows up at the time. But the quickest way I can think of to become a star, is help someone else become a star first! Then it just spills all over you and everyone! 

  5. Thank you for this truly beautiful message. Just one thing – “enlightened enough” does not compute. One is either Enlightened or not, and one is the little me seeking Enlightenment -dissolves. I say this because of the wisdom I have received from a variety of spiritual teachers.

    • Personally, I’ve let go of the idea of enlightened as some state you reach. The idea that there is an on/off switch and one moment you are not enlightened and the next moment you are just doesn’t make sense to me. But, for a lot of seekers, the drive to attain enlightenment can get in the way of taking tangible action in each moment.

  6. Thanks Edward.  I have had my own consultancy business in ThetaHealing for nearly ten years and there have been times when I have thought “am I doing enough”?   I want more for my clients, I want to see dramatic changes and instant healings”.  Your email has helped me focus on the good I am doing for these beautiful people whether they receive an instant healing or not.  The emotional changes and shining faces when they leave after their consults is very rewarding and I know I have made a difference.  So thank you for “keeping me on track” with this realisation.  Robyn

    • That’s definitely a trap we can fall into as “healers” and change agents. Important to trust that what we’re doing is enough! If you help someone find a smile they lost somewhere along the way, that’s a GREAT benefit!

  7. Nice Post Edward!! This is a great reminder to all of us that as I like to say “every act can be a prayer” – what I have found in my own journey as well as in the journeys of my clients/students/customers that often times we “play small” or stay stuck in the “dress rehearsal” mode because of fear or feeling unsafe, unready or un-empowered to jump into that big starring role and really OWN it.  I’m so grateful for the many mentors that have informed my journey and helped me to more fully embody and now dedicate my own work to helping others in the same way to step in to their becoming as the empowered messengers they were born to be! 

    • “Every act can be a prayer!” YES!!!

      The dress rehearsal is over. Time for us to realize that the REAL show has already started!

      Thanks Amethyst!

  8. Edward my friend, you continue to inspire and enlighten. Although we have never met I feel truly blessed that you’re a part of my life. I first came in contact with you and your teachings when I subscribed to the wonderful interviews you conducted as part of the Mystic Business Telesummit. This recent post “Your Starring Role” has led me to finally contacting you presonally to thank you for your teachings and wisdom.
    As a Comedian and Actor for the past 13 years I really could relate to this, and your thoughts are spot on. Since first coming in contact with you my life has changed in so many positive ways. Now, as we all embark on this new journey of online entertainment I’m in the process of getting together with a heap of very talented people and our aim is to help mankind through laughter. Unfortunately there is so much pain in the world at the moment, and now every time I walk on stage and make poeple laugh it gives me a real sense of purpose that at times in the past I’d not fully appreciated.  You’re absolutely right, why wait !!
    Beautiful teachings Edward, thank you. May the infinite intelligence of this wonderful universe continue to inspire you to help humanity manifest True Abundance.   Your friend from Australia….. Mark

    • Mark, thank you so much! What a blessing to hear that the work I’m doing has had a positive impact in your life! Yes, even I forget that sometimes too! 😉

      I love the idea of helping mankind through laughter! My colleague, Swami Beyondananda is teaching a course on laughter through the Shift Network:
      Looks like it would be right up your alley! 😉

      Let me know what you’re up to and the ways that you’re bringing more laughter to the world!

      And may you and the laughter you bring shine a light and enlighten the souls and spirits of all those you touch!

      Thanks again

  9. Thank you deeply for a writing that helped me reorganize my way of looking at this issue–instantly. 
    Who knows how this shift will reverberate! Much appreciation for all you do.

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