A Learning Journey

Feels so good to be back at work on the Walk In Beauty album after a few weeks off.

Spent the last two evenings with Isha in pre-production. He’s awesome to work with and we’ve got four songs pretty much fully dialed in and ready tracking in the studio.

This process of recording an album has been so amazing. From way back in the beginning of this process with Ila Cantor getting me to practice with a metronome so that I could play in time with the click (which is still very much a work in progress) to Isha now getting me to create charts for the songs, I am learning so much about music.

I’ve always pretty much played by ear. I know the basic chords names but when it gets into diminished chords and 9ths and 13ths and chords over other bass notes I get totally lost. So creating these charts will be a really great lesson for me. And thankfully Isha did the first chart last night to show me how it’s done.

Now I’ve got my homework to chart out the rest of them before we go into the studio in a couple of weeks.

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