You Can’t Find What You Already Are

There I was, looking for my glasses. I knew they were around since I had definitely taken them off in that room. At least I thought I had. But the more I looked, the more I began doubting and questioning. Maybe I had left them in the bathroom. So I went and checked there. Nope.

Are you groaning now, waiting for the punchline that I found them on the top of my head?

Well I’ve done that with sunglasses, but in this case it was actually much more ludicrous than that. I suddenly started hearing the song, “I can see clearly now…” And it dawned on me to wonder how I’m able to actually look for my glasses without needing to squint and bend down close to the places where I’m looking.

D’Oh! I’m wearing my glasses.

That’s a true story. It’s happened to me more than once, fortunately, not in quite a while!

It really does happen. If you wear glasses it’s probably happened to you once or twice!

It comes down to belief. In that moment, when I was searching for the glasses that were actually on my face, somehow the belief that I have misplaced my glasses is strong enough to make me overlook the reality that I can actually see – which means that what I’m looking for is actually right here.

Beliefs are extremely powerful, so powerful that they have the capacity to obscure and distort our “reality.” By now I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the indigenous people who were unable to “see” the three-masted schooners anchored in the bay. The possibility of that type of vessel existing was so far outside their belief system that reality actually distorted to make those ships invisible to them.

It was not until the Shaman of the tribe had meditated and done ceremony to expand his belief system and open up his vision to that possibility that the other members of the tribe were able to see the ships.

True Abundance is like that. You ARE True Abundance. That is your nature. It is all around you. It is within you. It is the very essence of who you are. But the belief that you are NOT True Abundance has you convinced that you have to go find it. So you look around, always looking, always seeking, never realizing that what you seek is actually right here, right now, within you.

That which you seek – Abundance, Joy, Love – is what you truly are. It is not out there somewhere for you to find. It is your essence.

You don’t find TRUE Abundance. You ARE TRUE Abundance. Rather, you remember it. Just as I didn’t “find” the glasses I was seeking, I came to realize or remember that I was actually wearing them, you can’t find what you are, you can only realize and remember it.

Take a moment to let go of the belief that abundance is something ‘Out There.” Let go of the idea that Abundance is something you attain. Open to the truth that abundance is something you ARE, right now. Yes, even in this moment. Even with your fears and doubts and worries, abundance is here, right now. Breathe it in.

Stepping into TRUE Abundance is as easy as “finding” the glasses that you’re already wearing. It is as simple as letting go of the belief that has you convinced that you can’t “see.” You can see. You can feel. You can KNOW and experience TRUE Abundance right now. All you have to do is believe. All you have to do is trust… All you have to do is remember that you are already “wearing” abundance.

Stop looking for it and start LIVING it. Start living as if you can see the abundance all around you. Start living as if you feel the abundance flowing through you. Start living as if you can recognize the abundance in every situation and all the people who come into your life. Start living as if there is nothing but abundance. For abundance is truly all there is. And you are truly abundant.

You are already wearing the glasses you seek. The lens of abundance is already in you. It IS you. Now go out and live your life of TRUE Abundance!

Your partner in TRUE Abundance


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  1. Thanks Edward. Something quite powerful for me is to be aware of the polarity or yin and yang of all things. So taking your thoughts on already being the abundance (that we seek), it is also true that there may be a lack of abundance or poverty in our thoughts too. And, that this other polar side is as OK as the abundance side. The less I feel guilty or shamed around ANY of my thoughts or feelings, whether abundant or impoverished, the more I can move into a wholeness feeling of who I am. This truth of wholeness, which includes the polarities or both the yin and the yang, then allows me the freedom to find the joy in being both. In being both, I don’t have to get stressed about the times of poverty thinking because I understand that those thoughts are joined with absolute abundance thinking. In accepting that I am a combination of both polarities (and everything in between) I can let myself off the hook of trying to be one without being the other. Ahhhh. See what I mean? Keep up your good work, I enjoy your emails.

    • Exactly, Joseph. And that scarcity or lack of abundance is absolutely an expression of our TRUE Abundance! It’s an interesting twist when we realize that we can’t NOT be abundant! We can create situations that give us an experience of what our mind considers lack, but in reality, there is only abundance. So, yes, accept both sides of the polarity knowing that it is all abundance.

  2. This is the 1st time I’ve read your emails.  I’m making a copy and hanging this up next to my PC. The idea that every situation is full of abundance really hit home.  Intellecutally, I know this but in my heart, I have denied this knowledge.  Thank you so much for your wise words of wisdom.     

  3. Thanks for sending that i needed a lift in my thoughts to be brought back to me, something that we don’t do often enough
    I need to start living for me
    Many thanks

  4. Thanks Edward.  We always need more reminders on this topic! I enjoyed your song on your site as well.  Keep singing, keep writing, keep feeling good!

  5. Wonderful Edward, the posting made me realise where i am. with your personal experience, it made a good lesson for one to learn and think on. 

    • Perfect. I love when I hear back from people as if I was writing just for them. Glad this resonated with you Andre!

  6. LOVED the conversation between you and Joseph Browning! Thanks for all you do. It definitely WORKS! Cheryl

  7. Thank you Edward.  I had to laugh while reading your story about the glasses.  You’re right I wear glasses also and the same thing has happened to me.   It made sense when you  talked about abundance it is all around us and within us.   The more I learn about this the more I’m interested.  There are no boundaries except for in our own minds.   Keep the emails coming I love them.

  8. wow Edward that was so amazing . agreed we dont always see what is inside us but somewhere each day we need to make time to do just that then all just falls into place and then we come to a realization that we always had what we only thought we lost and that the possibilities are endless . May you always excell at everything you do and keep up the good work. Just beautiful ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. Just wondering if you will ever be using or adding Christopher Wesselingh from New Zealand for any of your Tele Summit talks.  He’s amazing so I thought I’d see him here.   Thanks.

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